Monday, February 18, 2013

Lindberg Chopped Fantasy Game

One of my favorite shows is Chopped on the Food Network. On our trip to Georgia we did a Lindberg-version of this beloved show.  We divided into two teams - guys against girls.

Here were the basket items
Chicken breasts
Sweet Peppers
Cream Cheese
Artichoke hearts

We each had to prepare a main dish and a side using the basket items in some way. We also had access to anything in the pantry, fridge or freezer of the Lindberg house.

Then one team had appetizer and one team had dessert.

The girls made
Grilled marinated chicken breast topped with roasted red pepper and caramelized onions with a strawberry balsamic vinegar roasted red pepper reduction
A warm grilled chopped salad with grilled asparagus, sweet peppers, grilled romaine (mixed then cold romaine) and grilled onions dressed with olive oil (no picture of this)
A spinach artichoke heart cream cheese spread on toasted bread topped with fresh tomatoes and avocados

The guys made
Grilled chicken topped with an avocado roasted red pepper cream cheese spread
Sweet peppers stuffed with cream cheese goat cheese and jalapeno
Sauteed asparagus with bacon and grilled bacon wrapped asparagus
Strawberry cream cheese and chocolate cake trifle (no picture either)

We were judged on taste, presentation, and creativity (in that order)

All of it was we decided we all won.  It was fun to eat to different items and to be inventive with our mystery ingredients. It is a bit of a fantasy of mine to do chopped. I have a feeling we will be doing this sometime with friends in our house. Trouble is, I love the surprise of the mystery ingrediants, so it's hard to host it. But we'll figure something out.

Here are some pictures below


Sandra said...

love that show too!!

Who every you have to your house for the evening to do "chopped" should each bring one item. So that way everyone ONLY KNOWS one thing that will be in the basket and they can drop it into the basket at the door when they walk in(and NO PEEKING in the basket when they drop it in:))

Bryce and Erin said...

Hi Laura! Catching up with you and your family on your blog. The new little one is a cutie!! :) Erin