Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sharing my waistline

I commented to my sister that I no longer have a waist line...

She said "Yes you do, you're just sharing it."

Here is a recent picture of Mark and I on our trip to South Bend. My work had its annual holiday party. We had a wonderful time in South Bend over the weekend. Mark also got some much needed rest.

If you are ever in South Bend and need a hotel, I'd highly recommend the Inn at St. Mary's. The service, the rooms, the BREAKFAST, everything is fabulous.

It snowed the entire time we were there, just like it does in South Bend :).

Thursday, December 04, 2008

SHE is beautiful

Mark and I went to the doctor this week for an ultrasound. We are pleased to see that our little girl, Zoie Jean is doing very well. The tech said everything looks healthly and normal. We feel so blessed to be part of this miracle.

Here is a picture from ultrasound.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving in Georgia

Mark and I made the long 16-hour journey south for this Thanksgiving holiday. Since we haven't seen most of his family since we moved in was a long anticipated trip. The weather is great (even though I heard it was nice in IL as well) and it's great to see everyone. It's a little weird driving around. It's familiar but it is no longer home. Funny how that transition happens.

Joel has already humored me many times with his perspective on the world. They were very concerned that since everyone was in bed when we arrived last night we would not know where to go to sleep. It may be a few months since we've been to this house but the general layout is still pretty no worries Joel.

Rachel is quite fascinated with my baby belly and rubs it regularly. She has put her vote in for a girl...but Joel wants a boy. Mark said "Well we'll find out who wished harder"

I did not bring my cord to download pictures so that will have to wait until I return.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wedding bells

It is with great pleasure I introduce you to the future Mr. & Mrs. Warnecke.

My sister is engaged to Nicholas (pictured below). The wedding is set for March 7th so we have a lot of planning to do. We picked out bridesmaid dresses Saturday. Fortunately one of Diana's favorites came in a maternity style. I will be 7 1/2 months pregnant at the time of the nuptials. At least I'll look pregnant...not just fat. It will be just very pregnant.
Just thought I'd share the good news!

Congrats Nicholas and Diana!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Shot in the arm

In the interest of protecting the health of my baby, I got a flu shot. I'm not so sure that was a great idea.

First mistake I made was to allow them to do it in the right arm. The asked my preference and I said I didn't care. Since she was on the right side that's just what they did.

It was sore for a couple of days and then got better.

The soreness is back now. I went to the doctor this morning and she thinks that I probably aggravated the soreness over the weekend. The only thing I can attribute it to is moving my arm in funny directions to try on bridesmaid dresses (this experience will be worth another post).

It's not infected so that is good.

The bad thing is I can't take any anti-inflamatory pills because I'm pregnant. Instead I'm icing 4 times per day for 20 minutes at a shot. I went ahead and turned the heat up a bit because I'm shivering now.

Hopefully this gets better soon. I'll be more careful with the arm for a while.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Envying the Chickens

I never thought that a white feathered bird would elicit feelings of green envy from me. Mark made the comment after we found out I was pregnant "wouldn't it be easier if you could just lay an egg."

After a nauseating evening yesterday and clothes shopping today, I think he may have been right.

First off, all the maternity clothes I've seen are not very cute and selection is extremely limited. I love clothes shopping and new I find this challenging. I find enough tops that look cute is the pants/skirts area I'm having trouble.

They have plenty of jeans and some khaki type stuff (lots of capris which does me no good in the winter) but nicer pants and such luck.

I also have a conference in two weeks. I'm not really quite round enough for maternity clothes but my normal dress clothes just aren't going to zip.

I bought some bigger pants today that should get me by.

I just found the experience to be frustrating and I have a feeling it will only worsen.

Wouldn't it be nice just to lay an egg?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Baby Lindberg Update

All is still well with baby Lindberg. I had another doctor appointment today. My tests were all normal and the heart beat is strong.

My doctor questioned me a bit because I haven't gained any weight yet (don't worry this will come). I reminded her when you throw up a lot...weight gain doesn't typically happen (I was polite when I said this). Now that I'm in the second trimester and not feeling nearly so icky, I should be able to gain as appropriate.

My mom says I shouldn't worry about it and just eat right. Dr. Huff always says "The baby is a little parasite...he/she will eat first."

Our next appointment is just after Thanksgiving. It is then we'll have an ultrasound and hopefully be able to tell if it is a girl baby or a boy baby. I really don't have a preference.

We just pray God will continue to keep our baby (and mama) healthy.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kuntz Family Wiener Roast (or hot dog boil depending on the weather)

Last night was the Kuntz family wiener roast at my parent's house. This my family on my Grandpa Kuntz's side. It's like his siblings, their kids, on down. It also usually includes a few random people who know someone in the family.

I always enjoy this event and this year was no different. My dad did a fine job of embarrassing my sister and I with his public announcements. First he asked Mark to pray, which is fine. But then he introduced him to the crowd as the "Father of my future grandchild." Mark is no longer a individual person but the "Father of the grandchild."

Diana fared a little better when she and Nicholas arrived. He was given a name when their engagement was announced to the group.

We're glad dad likes to share about his just sometimes is a little more large-scale then I'd probably choose.

My uncle Steve though also joined in by introducing Jen, Zach's we weren't alone :).

It was chilly last night but with the heated shed we did just fine. They did have a fire and some brave men pretty much cooked all the hot dogs and brats.

I don't have any pictures but everyone seemed to have a good time.

Cheers until next October!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Back from Florida

I love Florida. I love the weather, the beach, the's just great. We had a fabulous vacation. Unfortunately my camera battery was about to die, so I don't have much for picture. Besides, I don't usually feel pretty in beach pictures.

First we went to the Lakewood Retreat with the Sarasota church. We had a wonderful time. We got to see some friends, see a new baby, and chat about pregnancy with folks in like condition.

Then it was off to Tampa to spend time with my cousin and her family and go to Busch Gardens. I couldn't do any roller coasters but they have some very mild rides and shows, so it was a good day. It worked well because my cousin has a 3-year old son so we hung out all day and Mark, Dad, and Mom did the roller coasters.

Then we went down to Siesta Key Beach. If you ever are trying to decide what beach to visit in Florida, this one comes with my highest recommendation. It has beautiful soft white sand. It has a lot of quartz in it, which keeps the sand from getting very hot even in the Florida sun. We did a few hours there with my parents before they flew back home.

Mark and I also rented a kayak and kayaked in the lagoon. Very relaxing and fun. It was difficult to find a "fun activity" that would be safe for this pregnant lady but we managed.

We had a wonderful trip. I finally have a slight tan which I know will fade very quickly.

The morning sickness wasn't too bad over our trip which I was very thankful for.

It's good to be home but I'll always love sunny Florida.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Baby update

I had a doctor appointment on Friday. She said our baby's heartbeat is nice and strong. It sure makes this mamma's heart warm to hear that.

My morning sickness has definitely improved. I was truly hungry (not the I have to eat or I'm going to be sick kind of hungry) for the first time in 2 months yesterday. It was a great feeling. This is just in time for our trip to Florida which is great.

We praise God for his faithfulness and strength thus far in our journey.

Best wishes to you all!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Drinking the same water

It seems there has been a recent rush of people annoucing their pregnancies. It may just be my perception due to the fact many of my friends are married and hence now having children.

Mark and I are happy to announce we are joining in. We are expecting our first child next April.

Things are going fine. I have definitely felt decieved by the term "morning sickness." No one told me it would last all day. But it has improved and I hear it should continue to get better.

As I tell the baby "Mamma loves you even though you make her sick."

We're just thankful for our new little one on the way.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2 years!!

It has been two wonderful years since I married this fabulous man!!

Happy Anniversary Honey!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why fixing the ceiling is so important

If you haven't already heard, Mark and I have been re-securing all the ceilings in our new house. When we were putting lighting in, we discovered that the drywall was sagging pretty bad. When they built the house, they used glue and a few nails. Well as the years roll by, that glue loses some of its ability to hold.

Mark discovered that there were places he could stick his hand between the drywall and the support beams in the ceiling. We want to add more insulation before the winter for energy efficiency, but if the ceilings aren't secure...they might not stay where they should.

Here is a picture of a nail that popped out as the dry wall jumped back into position after Mark added the screws. It really doesn't do it justice, how much we needed to add to the security of the ceiling.
I'm just glad I can rest easy knowing that it will take an awful lot to bring that ceiling down now.

Friday, September 05, 2008

More fun with Joel

Today I called down to Georgia to talk to the Lindberg family. As often is the case, Joel answered the phone. I always enjoy talking with Joel as you never know what he'll say. After a brief conversation, he asked me if I wanted to talk to his mom. Sure I replied. He then said "She just went to take a nap." I quickly had to let him know that he didn't need to wake her to talk to me.

He then offered several other people, who also happened to be sleeping. I told Joel I was just calling for fun, so let's limit it to those who he can see are awake.

He first offered Hannah to me but then decided he was reading with her so that wouldn't due. I ended up with Rachel, which was great.

It is important to be very specific when you make requests of Joel and assume nothing is understood (like to don't wake people up).

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hole/Crack in the Ceiling

Mark and I recently redid the ceiling in the living room. After re-securing it, texturing, and painting we realized the large crack that was in the hallway just at the entrance to the living room was rather ugly. We tried several patching techniques. Finally we had to go purchase a new piece of drywall and make a large patch for the ceiling. I don't have a picture of the finished work right now but it turned out pretty good. Here are some of the beginning pictures.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Just like my mom

I love my mom. I think she is great. As I get older, I realize I'm becoming more and more like her. As I put the packages I bought today on the floor of my closet (where my mom puts hers when they can't immediately be put away), I saw just one more thing that makes me like her.

Now I do have some distinct characteristics that are from my dad like that I ...

-Love a good story
-Laugh at my own jokes
-And a few classic expressions

But just as I resemble my mom more than my dad (minus the height thing), I probably have more things that are like my mom...

Here are just a few to mention

-I do something stupid and even though nobody knows about it I tell them anyway
-I start one cleaning task and then move onto another before the first (or second or third) is finished
-I laugh when people are making fun of me
-I love to have people over just to hang out
-I hate looking at picture of myself
-I spend a lot of time planning family vacations and probably get more pleasure out of people enjoying themselves with the plans I made than the vacation itself
-I always need to make sure the people I love are well fed
Here is a picture of my mom with my sister Diana from my wedding. I'm hoping that I age like my mom. That hair color is all nautral gray.
I love you Mom!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

$750 Lemonade Shake-Up

This weekend Mark and I volunteered at the Gateway Woods sale (Where else would a lemonade shake-up go for $750?). We worked in the green tent in the morning displaying and carrying items that were up for auction. This is truly one of the great social events of the year. It was great to see many old friends and catch up with a few people. Mark's uncle Jeff is the administrator out there, so we stayed with them and got to catch up a bit with some family.

Here is Mark holding up a quilt for display.

We had one funny incident. My friend Abe was walking through the tent when he saw me working and he waved. This action accidentally won him a $25 wood cabinet...oops.

This is the only item we bought on the auction. A Vera Bradley pink purse (obviously for me).

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Stinky Scare

Saturday evening Mark and I decided to take a walk around our neighborhood. Just as we were rounding a corner, we saw this small animal in a person's yard.

At first I'm thinking "that's a funny looking cat." Then I saw the white stripes, it was no cat.
It was a SKUNK. All of sudden we saw its tail start to rise.

It was only about 10 feet away from us with his tail toward us. Mark and I recognized what it was at the same time. Mark said "It's time to go." We did a very quick 180 and quickly sped back towards our house.

It never sprayed but none the less we did run the rest of the way home (a long walk had lost its appeal). While our walk was cut short, we got a nice little run it. My heart rate was definitely up.

When I got home I did research on how to keep them away from your yard. Basically don't leave stuff outside that it might want to eat. We should be good.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Laser Tag

This weekend Mark & I along with some friends played Laser Tag. It was so much fun! If you come visit, we can go :) There are actually a decent variety of fun things to do in Joliet. I look forward to exploring them as we live here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tour of the House

Sorry these pictures have taken so long to post. I wanted to wait until a few more things were done before I posted pictures of our house. I didn't post pictures of the bathrooms or the basement but this gives you a general idea of the house. We love company, so visitors are always welcome.

Living Room

Office - Where I spend most of my time

Master Bedroom


Kitchen from the table

Guest Room (company always welcome)

Back of the House

Front of the House

Monday, July 14, 2008

Giggling Customer Service Rep

I had to call Comcast (again) about some issues with accessing my on-line account. I was having a pretty bizarre problem (an issue with running around in circles) and when I explained it to the rep...he giggled.

Now I've had some pretty bad customer service from Comcast (if you have ever used Comcast you can probably relate). I try to be patient but I'll admit I do call them with a bit of a chip on my shoulder. Usually the last people I work with are they are the ones who actually help me.

Well this guy's giggle certainly improved my mood. At first I was a trifle annoyed that he had the audacity to giggle. But it ended up relaxing me a bit and he proved to be quite helpful.

I may try giggling at the next person who comes off annoyed at me.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sleeping in the car

I didn't have to sleep in my car tonight, but I came very close.

There are two sets of keys to my car. One is mine and the other Mark's. Because they are a bit bulky Mark leaves his set of my keys along with a few others at home when he goes to work. The problem is this set of car keys, does not have a house key.

I went to Wal-Mart after Mark left for work tonight (I find shopping at night much better w/0 all the people). When I got out of Wal-Mart I realized I had Mark's set of car keys...not mine. The other problem was I had left both of my cell phones in the house (a true rarity for me).

Now our house is thankfully more secure than our apartment was meaning I can't just use a credit card to card my way through the lock. I wasn't confident I'd remembered to lock the door when I left and for once I was hoping I had forgotten.

Thankfully when I arrived home, the door was unlocked. Not that this is very safe or smart...but tonight it proved a good thing.

Had it not been unlocked I either would have had to sleep in my car until Mark arrived at home (he works 3rd shift you don't know this) or gone to Caterpillar and found some security guard to help me find him. I haven't really been around the facility in Joliet like I had been in Thomasville, so that could have been interesting.

I'm off to go sleep in my bed (thankfully:))

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun Father's Day (a little late)

We went down to Central Illinois this weekend for a belated Father's Day. We first celebrated with my Kuntz cousins. It was great to attend one of these again. I always loved Kuntz birthdays. We tend to get together for all major holidays and then some random birthday celebrations. It used to be about every month but since life has become a little busier, it's more like once a quarter. With Mark and I in GA, we didn't make it much.

Then we had brunch with my Vercler grandparents and my immediate family on Saturday morning. That was really nice too. Mom made fabulous food.

I don't have any pictures because I forgot my camera. But the memories are there.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Asking nicely

We have a guy who I think every Wednesday comes in the morning to pick up the kids from the neighbor across the street. Normally our neighborhood is quiet and peaceful. Except on these mornings he comes in playing extremely loud music. He then leaves his car running, doors & windows open, and goes into the house. He is in there an extended length of time. I'm assuming he leaves the music going so he can hear it in the house.

Mark is on 3rd shift right now and while it maybe doesn't disrupt him too drives me crazy. I'm confident it is a noise violation.

Well today I decided to be a friendly neighbor and ask them not do play the music so loud. I wandered over, introduced myself, and made my request. It helped a lot that I could say my husband worked 3rd and is sleeping. I asked very politely if there was anyway it could be shut off.

The neighbors were very nice and quickly the music ceased. Ahhh the quiet again. I don't know if this is the end of our noise routine but it was great for today.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Missing the Family

This afternoon I had a bit of an opportunity to chat with the Lindberg family back in Georgia. I do miss spending time with them very much.

I had a wonderful conversation with Joel about his birthday and things going on in our house. He is really growing up and a lot of fun to talk to. Here is a great shot of him licking the wisk after making brownies.

I do miss them all so very much.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I don't think I look that young

Sometimes people think I'm younger than I am but typically they are in the general ball park.

Today a salesman rang our door bell, when I answered he asked

"Is your mom or dad home?"

It threw me for a bit of a loop. I smiled and replied "No, I'm the wife."

He blushed and responded that I look young. Now our neighborhood has a lot of families and some-what older people in it but still...

Here is a recent picture. Now I wasn't as dressed up as this picture shows but you'll get the general idea of how I look.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Hello out there

hello to all those who check my blog. We've been very busy with the move. We are officially "moved in" but that just means all our stuff is in this house.

The closing went fine and moving in has actually gone pretty well. When we moved in though we realized something crazy about this had no over head lights in the living room or any of the bedrooms. Mark and my dad have been busy putting in the wires for the new lights and fans. We have 2 and 1/2 of them up so we're doing pretty good.

I'll post pictures soon.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Feeling Ditzy

I thought I wasn't going to post for a while but...anyway.

Since we are moving to Illinois Mark and I drove his car up a little over a week ago to look at houses etc. We then flew back to Georgia and are living with only one vehicle for the next week and a half. Since I work from home it isn't that big of a deal.

The problem is in my fairly frazzled state...I keep forgetting this. On Monday I made out all my errands to run over lunch, only to walk out a realize I had no car. The errands had to wait until Mark got home.

Today my friend Dorcas called to meet up for lunch at Pizza Hut. Sounded great to me. I totally forgot not having a car until I walked out to leave. Thankfully Pizza Hut is really close, so she just picked me up.

The crazy part of that whole deal was I talking to my mother-in-law just prior to leaving and telling her I wouldn't be out to do voice lessons with Lydia until later because Mark had the car. I just didn't put it all together when it came to lunch.

Oh well...I made it. I just keep feeling a bit foolish.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Home

Mark and I put an offer and it was accepted for our first house. It's in Joliet, IL. The house is only 5 miles (12 minute) drive from Mark's new job, which makes me very excited. I think it will suit us well.

Hope ya'll can come visit.

P.S. I haven't written much as things have been really busy with the move. Mark and I were exhausted last night. We still have a ways to go.
Hopefully once the move is complete, I'll be back up posting.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Moving On

It's official. For those of you who haven't heard, Mark accepted a position with Caterpillar in...

Joliet, Illinois!

With great joy and a few tears, we are making our way back up to the Midwest.We've felt the Lord's leading in this process and look forward to many new experiences.

We'll be attending the Apostolic Church in Chicago. We are looking forward to being a regular part of a congregation.

We have been immensely blessed here in Georgia and praise the Lord for his grace and mercy.

With love,
Mark & Laura

Monday, April 21, 2008

We go together

I knew Mark and I spent a lot of time together, but I didn't realize other people noticed. One of our typical routines is late in the evening after dinner, we'll go to Wal-Mart to do our weekly grocery shopping. I could go by myself but I don't really like to and if I wait until later it is less busy.

Last week while I was away, Mark had to pick up a few things. He went through the check-out line of one of our usual checkers. As he got to the front she asked..."Missing somebody."

He smiled and replied "She is out of town on a business trip."

I guess other people notice we are joined at the hip.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Home again

Greetings. It has been a while since my last post due to a trip up North. I was in South Bend, Leo, Roanoke, and Gridley all in the last 8 days. It was wonderful to see so many friends and family. I'm also thankful to be back home with Mark.

Talk to you later.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Curious George and Tears

This weekend while Mom and Dad Lindberg were up in Illinois for Great-grandpa's funeral, Mark and I stayed with the kids. We had a wonderful time and the family was a joy to be with.
We decided to rent a movie one night and selected Curious George. Now I loved this moved and thought it was very cute and nicely done. Excellent choice for kids.
Not scary...or so I thought. There is one scene in which Curious George is taken away by animal control. It isn't overly aggressive the scene ends all of a sudden we here this very deep inhale from Rachel. She is notably crying at poor George's fate.

We quickly hugged her and assured her George would be ok. She watched it again Sunday without incident.

Such a sensitive little girl.
Here she is with big brother Josh.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Josh and Bethany

As most of you probably already know, my bro-in-law, Josh, is getting married at the end of May. Both Mark and I are in the wedding and we are very excited about it.

Josh and Bethany came to visit the family in Georgia not that long ago. Here is a picture of the happy couple.

You can't see in this picture that Josh has a big boot on his foot. He broke it at work a while back. He's doing well and hopefully be walking normally by May 25th.

We wish them love and joy in their life together.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bible Study

Renae and I just completed a Bible Study with a women's group in town, Beth Moore's Bible Study- Stepping Up .

Since we live so far from our church, Renae thought a women's Bible Study would be a strong encouragement. She was definitely right.

Life at my parent's house has been a challenging and this Bible Study was a real encouragement.

I learned a lot about worship, God's promises, and lot of the background about the feasts and how Jesus is connected to that history.

God was faithful in reaching me with very personal messages just when I needed them most.

It is a good Bible Study for someone who has been a believer for a while and who needs to take it to another step. It's probably not right for a new believer as there are some basic assumptions of what you understand.

It is designed for groups but probably could be done on your own.

I'm thankful God brought me to it during this difficult time.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Accidental Thief

Renae asked me a few weeks ago to pick up a pizza for Matthew from Pizza Hut as a surprise for his lunch. I was already have lunch with Mark at Caterpillar and Renae thought it would be a nice surprise.

She said she'd call her order in, pay with a credit card, and alll I'd have to do is pick it up and deliver it. Not a problem.

It wasn't quite ready when I arrived. I waited about 4 minutes, they handed me my pizza and I left.

The next day Renae calls me and asks "How much do I owe you?"

I replied "Owe me...for what?"

"The pizza"

"Ummmmm I didn't pay for it"

Aparently the credit card thing didn't happen. I had offered to pay for it to Renae if the credit card thing didn't work but they handed me the food and I thought it had gone through fine.

Renae stopped by there the next day to settle up.

Never meant to steal it...oops

Monday, March 10, 2008

Fell Down Springing Forward

As you know this weekend was the change from Standard to Daylight Savings Time. probably knew, I didn't.

I had no idea that it was this weekend. So Sunday morning we get up to get ready for church and Mark remembers. By the time he remembered though there was no way to get to church on time.

So we missed services this week. It was very weird not going to church and I definitely missed it. I was so sad because my future sister-in-law, Bethany, and my brother-in-law, Josh, were here and wanted to attend church with them.

Oh well, we did spring forward eventually and were well rested...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Riding Together

As some of you know, when we go up to Atlanta for church it is about a 4 hour drive. Not a short little trip but manageable in a weekend.

Next weekend is the Easter program. Both us and the Lindberg family need to attend because of our obligations to the Sunday School. Dad Lindberg though has to work both days next weekend. So Mark and I offered to drive the family up so Mom wouldn't have to take the big red van by herself.

We were talking about this the other afternoon and we greatly confused Joel. First he asks

Joel: "So we're leaving Dad?"

Me: "Yes"

Joel: "Who is going to drive us?"

Me: "Mark"

Joel: "Oh...who is going to drive you?"

Even though this is a 15-passenger van he hadn't considered that I could ride along.

After we explained that I'm going to ride in the van too, the world made sense again.

This is my little man Joel.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It didn't taste good


This morning when I was brushing my teeth I accidently put my face wash on my toothbrush instead of my toothpaste.

I didn't even realize what I had done until I put it in my mouth and realize it had a horrible very unexpected taste. I wouldn't recommend it.
Amanda Update: She definitely did a real good number on her nose. She has to have surgery tomorrow to repair it. She's handling it very well but she'll be sore for a while.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Poor Dandy-Mandy

Last night I called home and my Dad answered. After recognizing it was me he asked "Do you need any help?"

I responded no, I was fine..."Well Amanda does...we think she broke her nose."

Amanda wiped out face-first last night on concrete shed floor. She had parked her car in the shed and was running out to beat the garage door. She went to hop over a puddle...hit some ice and...


Right on her face. Wasn't able to catch herself at all. (She thinks she probably had her hands in her coat pocket because it was cold but she really doesn't remember.)

Story goes, she came in gushing blood and in a lot of pain. They were able to pack her nose, give her a pain killer and then took her to the ER.

She has an appointment with an ear, nose, and throat doctor today to see if she needs to have any surgery to fix her nose. Dad says you don't need to be a radiologist to see that it is broken in the X-ray. It will just depend on how it will heal if they leave it alone.

Amanda isn't feeling too pretty right now....

So you can appreciate what she really looks like. Here is Amanda with me at the Valdosta Airport, after her visit last summer.

Feel better soon Amanda!

(note: I did recieve permission from Amanda for this post.)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our Friend FJ

Mark and I have a dear friend here in Thomasville, FJ. Mark met FJ in the Wal-Mart parking lot sometime in the summer of 2005. Mark had just got off work from 2nd shift and was stopping by for groceries. Well he talked to FJ for a bit in the parking let and they ended up getting coffee at the Waffle House. He has been a friend every since.

He did the fabulous food at our rehersal dinner and was in Matthew's wedding. He is now managing a restuarant here in town, in addition to his catering business. He is a really neat guy and we feel blessed to know him.

We are going to try out the new restaurant tomorrow night probably. I bet it will be great!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lindberg Fun

With all the young brothers and sisters-in-law I have, going to the Lindberg house is always fun. Here are some fun pictures.

This is Hannah and Rachel playing horse. Rachel uses Hannah's hair for reigns.

A fun Lindberg Pryamid.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

North Florida Fair

A couple of months ago, Mark & I along with Matthew and Renae went to the North Florida Fair. I normally think of fair-time being in July or August but those months are so miserably hot here, they wait until November to have many of these events. It made for a very comfortable evening.

We walked around looking at animals and various shows. I enjoyed watching the 4-H goat showing but my comarades were less impressed. Here are some pictures from our outing.

Below is a water buffalo. The veggie tales song comes to mind... They had a large display of various unique animals. It also included things like a zdonk (zebra-donkey mix). Very interesting.

Here is Matthew and Renae looking at...well I don't remember what.

Mark "milking a cow" :)

Mark and I sharing a turkey leg. I love these things. It is very carnivorous, I know.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sunday Morning

For the mornings Mark and I are here in Thomasville, we have a very efficient routine. When we wake up I head straight to the shower and Mark makes breakfast. He does things like eggs & bacon or biscuits & gravy. Here is a picture of his biscuits and gravy. Isn't he romantic with the heart biscuits?

This system works well as it takes me notably longer than him to get ready in the morning. It helps prevent us being late to church :). The Mennonite Church here does have a Sunday School for everyone before church. I am very blessed by the ladies class, so we make an extra effort to attend.

Without the help of my honey...well we do like cereal.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

7 Facts about Me

I have seen this post on many people's blogs so I thought I would try for today. I don't find myself terribly interesting but I enjoyed other here we go

1. I am deathly afraid of mice. I'm not sure where this issue came from but possibly my mom's reactions to them as a child. As a little kid we lived on a farm and so we had to put mice traps out a lot. I used to go empty the traps etc. No a days I can't even go into that room in the pet store. I had a dream two nights ago that two of them bit me in the neck. It was so real I woke up with my hand on my neck and it hurt.

2. I love working from home. I used to work in an office in South Bend before I got married. I've always enjoyed my job. I worried that when I moved down I'd miss the office interaction. While somedays I do, I love the lower stress and greater flexibility that comes with working from home. With Mark's sometimes crazy schedule this works really well. My co-workers have been fabulous in the adjustment so I'm thankful for that.

3. I don't mind having my picture taken if I don't have to look at it later. I never want to see into someone's digital camera after they have taken a picture of me. It's an insecurity thing but I just don't like looking at pictures of myself. I've eased up on this a bit since being with Mark. We take a lot of pictures together and I like looking at him.

4. Star Trek the Next Generation is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. Mark and I don't really watch much television but we do occasionally buy TV series on DVD and watch them to relax. I bought Mark all seven seasons of Star Trek and we watched it all last year. I still pull the DVD's out regularly and re-watch episodes. I'm getting pretty good at the Star Trek quizzes on line.

5. Two of my toes on my right foot are slightly webbed. It isn't terribly noticable until you look but I definitely have the webbing like a duck there.

6. I am definitely an audio learner. I gather information best by it being said to me. This is why college worked so well because I could go and listen to lectures. I think this is also why I talk to myself :)

7. I cry easily if other adults are crying. I can handle children's tears fine but if another adult is crying and emotionally struggling, I often cry right with them.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Year's in Florida

Happy New Year!! Ok so the month is almost over but I'm feeling a bit behind. We spent a wonderful New Years in Florida with our friends Matt and Emily. We were able to go down on Friday and spend the long weekend with them. They were wonderful hosts and we had a fabulous time.

Dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger (a place with very unhealthly but fabulous food)

Us with a beatiful shot off the pier.

This is Matt and Emily on the Pier in by Sharky's


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Moving Out

Not Mark and the college boys who moved in below us last week. Mark and I live on the upper level of a 2 story apartment building (a lesson learned living on Marsteller- it is best to be at the top).

Anyway, last Saturday 5 college guys moved their stuff in below us. We aren't that far from Thomas University which has limited campus housing. Needless to stay we were quite nervous after we had a quiet family living below previously.

Most of the week went fine until Friday morning after I brought Mark home post-wisdom teeth removal. You could hear the slight thump thump thump of the base and the loud swearing of these guys. Our lease is up at the end of February and I was already thinking about where we could move to.

In the afternoon I left a sleeping Mark and went to the gym. When I returned the guys were hauling stuff between the apartment and their truck. I decided I'd be friendly and introduce myself. Well I went up to one of the guys and said

"Do live there?"

He replies, "Actually we're moving out"

Seeing the puzzled look on my face he continues, "We have an apartment in another building, they were just letting us keep some stuff here until it is ready."

I reply "Oh...happy moving."

And proceed to skip up to our apartment. I feel very blessed that we can all live in peace and other buildings.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thanksgiving Cooking Memories

I know Thanksgiving was ages ago but I just now downloaded the pictures off my camera. Here are some shots from our pie baking adventure.

Mark being the wonderful husband he is helped make pies for Vercler Thanksgiving.

I forgot to add the eggs to my pumpkin pie and let's say it didn't look so pretty (tasted good). So we made a new one for the family event and just ate this one at my Mom and Dad's.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas Card Fun

I just want to give a shout out for a Happy New Year. I have many fun pictures I'll post soon.

In the mean time, I'd like to let you know about our fun Christmas card. Traditionally my family has done a rather painfully boring Christmas Card. It is usually taken at Grandma's house at Thanksgiving because that is when we are all together and have someone else to take the picture.

This year we had a little fun at Grandma's...see result below. We kind-of tried to deceive my mom that this one was just for "fun" and we wouldn't think about it for a Christmas card. Well it turned out so well that we begged and pleaded with her.

Now my self-conscious mother was adamant that we were not going to use that picture and wanted to use this one instead. After much debate and since she gets to order the cards, we allowed this safe one.

She surprised us with a mild compromise. She ordered 40 of the "fun" card and like 120 of the "boring" card. I have a "fun" card to treasure forever. I had no idea she had done this until I received ours in the mail. Needless to say for my mother this is very impressive.

Next year I told mom we need to do a fun card again, but she doesn't have to be the object of the fun next time.