Thursday, September 29, 2011

California Vacation - San Francisco

After we flew into Sacramento, we drove down to San Francisco for a long weekend. I loved San Francsico. It just is so unique in it's look, feel etc... We didn't do a quarter of the stuff we could have but I really enjoyed it. Here are a few pictures.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

California Vacation - Wine Country

Mark and I had a wonderful opportunity to go on a 5-year anniversary trip to California. I had a conference out there at the end of our trip. We started out in San Francisco (pics of that to come later) but early in the week we went to Napa and Sonoma valleys for a few days of wine tasting and a trip to a spa (no pictures of that). At one of the wineries they had a walking tour where you could sample the grapes. As it was just before harvest, they were perfect.

Then after that we headed up to the American River for a day of white-water rafting. I'm putting the activities of our trip in backwards order.

As a note the trip was absolutely fabulous and I'd highly recommend the area for a vacation. We loved it. For those who may be wondering, Zoie had a fun filled 10-days at my parents house. It was a long time to be gone from her but I think it worked out best for everyone this way.  I missed her a bit but never enough to wish she was there :).