Thursday, March 27, 2008

Josh and Bethany

As most of you probably already know, my bro-in-law, Josh, is getting married at the end of May. Both Mark and I are in the wedding and we are very excited about it.

Josh and Bethany came to visit the family in Georgia not that long ago. Here is a picture of the happy couple.

You can't see in this picture that Josh has a big boot on his foot. He broke it at work a while back. He's doing well and hopefully be walking normally by May 25th.

We wish them love and joy in their life together.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bible Study

Renae and I just completed a Bible Study with a women's group in town, Beth Moore's Bible Study- Stepping Up .

Since we live so far from our church, Renae thought a women's Bible Study would be a strong encouragement. She was definitely right.

Life at my parent's house has been a challenging and this Bible Study was a real encouragement.

I learned a lot about worship, God's promises, and lot of the background about the feasts and how Jesus is connected to that history.

God was faithful in reaching me with very personal messages just when I needed them most.

It is a good Bible Study for someone who has been a believer for a while and who needs to take it to another step. It's probably not right for a new believer as there are some basic assumptions of what you understand.

It is designed for groups but probably could be done on your own.

I'm thankful God brought me to it during this difficult time.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Accidental Thief

Renae asked me a few weeks ago to pick up a pizza for Matthew from Pizza Hut as a surprise for his lunch. I was already have lunch with Mark at Caterpillar and Renae thought it would be a nice surprise.

She said she'd call her order in, pay with a credit card, and alll I'd have to do is pick it up and deliver it. Not a problem.

It wasn't quite ready when I arrived. I waited about 4 minutes, they handed me my pizza and I left.

The next day Renae calls me and asks "How much do I owe you?"

I replied "Owe me...for what?"

"The pizza"

"Ummmmm I didn't pay for it"

Aparently the credit card thing didn't happen. I had offered to pay for it to Renae if the credit card thing didn't work but they handed me the food and I thought it had gone through fine.

Renae stopped by there the next day to settle up.

Never meant to steal it...oops

Monday, March 10, 2008

Fell Down Springing Forward

As you know this weekend was the change from Standard to Daylight Savings Time. probably knew, I didn't.

I had no idea that it was this weekend. So Sunday morning we get up to get ready for church and Mark remembers. By the time he remembered though there was no way to get to church on time.

So we missed services this week. It was very weird not going to church and I definitely missed it. I was so sad because my future sister-in-law, Bethany, and my brother-in-law, Josh, were here and wanted to attend church with them.

Oh well, we did spring forward eventually and were well rested...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Riding Together

As some of you know, when we go up to Atlanta for church it is about a 4 hour drive. Not a short little trip but manageable in a weekend.

Next weekend is the Easter program. Both us and the Lindberg family need to attend because of our obligations to the Sunday School. Dad Lindberg though has to work both days next weekend. So Mark and I offered to drive the family up so Mom wouldn't have to take the big red van by herself.

We were talking about this the other afternoon and we greatly confused Joel. First he asks

Joel: "So we're leaving Dad?"

Me: "Yes"

Joel: "Who is going to drive us?"

Me: "Mark"

Joel: "Oh...who is going to drive you?"

Even though this is a 15-passenger van he hadn't considered that I could ride along.

After we explained that I'm going to ride in the van too, the world made sense again.

This is my little man Joel.