Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Go Princess!!

Medieval Times was having a buy one get one free deal going on. Renea had wanted to take Matthew and I always love it, so we planned a fun Sunday after-church activity. I love Medieval Times, so I'm always up for it.

This was the first time we took Zoie. She loved it. The funny part is she would cheer for the Princess. The knights would be jousting etc... and she'd put her little fist in the air shouting "princess, princess"...then she'd point up to the princess who was "hosting" the feast.

We got there early so we had fabulous seats. Second row right in the middle. We had a wonderful time.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

My French Fry

Amanda is part of an international group at ISU. The other night they were supposed to come to the event representing their country. Amanda and her roommate Bethany decided to go as a hamburger and fries. They made these costumes out of boxes literally hours before the event. Quite impressive if you ask me. What do you think of their representation of the U.S. of A.?