Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Window

Mark recently installed a new window and window well in our basement so that we have an exit when we refinish it. Here are some pictures.

Zoie "helping" Daddy with his big hole in the wall

From outside above the new window well
The handy man proud of his work

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crying Over Carrots

When we first introduced Zoie to solid foods, she wasn't overly impressed. She'd eat her cereal ok but nothing compared to the drama of carrots. When we'd try to give her carrots she would just sob. It'd almost make you feel bad (obviously not bad enough to forgo taking a picture).

This past week though she has decided she loves her food. She now lunges for it a bit and happily downs her carrots and other vegetables. Glad she is over the initial hysteria.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gush, Gush, Gush

Last week, Mark was moving a water line so we could install an egress window as an exit when we refinish the basement.

In the late morning Mark comes upstairs with a very worried look and said "I need the phone number for the emergency shut-off for our water." As he is finishing the sentence, I hear the gush gush gush of gallons of water pouring into my basement.

When Mark was moving the line, the main relief valve fell off the wall. We had to have the utility people come and shut the water off from outside our house.

Mark then set off to fix it. After seeking the advice from our Dads and our friend Randy, he got a new valve installed and the pipes put 11 that night, we called to have the water company turn on our water.

When they did, we realized there were a few things that still needed adjusted. The water guy, Steve, only responsibility was to turn the water off or on. But he thought our baby Zoie was too cute to go without water. So he helped us for the next hour correct the issues. He even brought a new valve from his house to put on.

We offered to compensate him but all he asked is that we tell that baby of ours that "Steve said hey." Well anyway...thanks were amazingly helpful.

So all is cleaned up, the water is on, and the pipes don't leak. Praise the Lord for our Dads, Randy, and Steve who all contributed to its success.

Here are some pictures of the initial damage.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bows Bows Bows

Anybody who knows me, knows that I love to put pretty bows on my beautiful baby's head. I have several bows from my dear friend Deanne. She makes some fabulous and very creative things. Here is a link to her blog and her website. Below is Zoie modeling a few of Deanne's creations that I own.

Zoie wearing a mini-korker
Zoie with a pink double ruffle ribbon (I get lots of compliments on this one). I included 2 pictures with this one, as the first Zoie looks much happier, but the second shows the bow a bit better.

Zoie sporting a Marabou Puff and wearing a pink nylon headband

I have several others, all of which Zoie wears regularly. Thanks Deanne!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Little Leopard

For Halloween I dressed up Zoie as a little leopard. She helped me handout candy. Actually I just carried her to the door with me when we had trick-or-treaters...she was probably more work than help but she was awful cute. I wouldn't have probably spent the money to buy her a costume but I found this one at a garage sale this summer for a dime. Hope you had a Happy Halloween.