Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby Belly

As requested, here is a recent picture of my ever growing abdomen. We are about 7 1/2 weeks from D-Day. Diana's wedding is next once I make it through that, I'll deal with more of the "baby stuff"
We're getting very excited and her room is pretty close to ready. I have a few more things to clean etc...but we'll get there.
Lots of love

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Security at the Bridal Boutique

With Diana's wedding swiftly approaching (just 4 weeks away), we were all getting very anxious for the bridesmaid dresses to arrive. We bought them from a store up in the suburbs about 40 minutes from my house. I knew my dress was going to need serious altering and I had some one specific who I wanted to do it, who lives down in El Paso. My sister had 2 bridal showers in the Gridley area on Saturday, so we made an appointment in between to get fitted for the alterations.

One of the bridesmaids lives out in D.C., Amanda is down in Gridley, and I didn't want to make too many trips so I volunteered to go pick up these 3 dresses so we could get things started. I arrived on Friday afternoon to pick them up. What the shop didn't tell us is that to pick up dresses for other people you either have to be
A. The Bride
B. Have permission from the others to do so.

I asked what "permission" entailed. The shop ladies said that the bridesmaids needed to call into the shop and just let them know that I would be picking them up. Now it's in the middle of the afternoon. Amanda is in school and Emily (the one from D.C.) is at work. But never fear, a little family scheming is always in order.

I told the ladies I thought I could get a hold of Amanda and Emily to have them call in. I then proceeded to call Mom- asked her to be Amanda....then called Diana- asked her to be Emily and express their desire to have me pick up the dresses.

To make the act even better, I went back in and asked to look at my dress while we waited for them to call. Sure enough within minutes "Amanda" and "Emily" both called. The shop ladies asked neither of them for any identifying information to confirm they were who they said they were. It was all I could do not to laugh when they gave me a thumbs up with each call.

Anyone with any tenacity could have duped their system. Now I really did have permission to pick up the dresses...but if I wanted to steal/destroy/hold hostage the dresses I easily could have.

They then proceeded to share some stories of people who actually did steal/destroy etc... other's dresses. Crazy bridal world if you ask me.

All is well...I have the dresses and we're one step closer to the wedding.