Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hole/Crack in the Ceiling

Mark and I recently redid the ceiling in the living room. After re-securing it, texturing, and painting we realized the large crack that was in the hallway just at the entrance to the living room was rather ugly. We tried several patching techniques. Finally we had to go purchase a new piece of drywall and make a large patch for the ceiling. I don't have a picture of the finished work right now but it turned out pretty good. Here are some of the beginning pictures.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Just like my mom

I love my mom. I think she is great. As I get older, I realize I'm becoming more and more like her. As I put the packages I bought today on the floor of my closet (where my mom puts hers when they can't immediately be put away), I saw just one more thing that makes me like her.

Now I do have some distinct characteristics that are from my dad like that I ...

-Love a good story
-Laugh at my own jokes
-And a few classic expressions

But just as I resemble my mom more than my dad (minus the height thing), I probably have more things that are like my mom...

Here are just a few to mention

-I do something stupid and even though nobody knows about it I tell them anyway
-I start one cleaning task and then move onto another before the first (or second or third) is finished
-I laugh when people are making fun of me
-I love to have people over just to hang out
-I hate looking at picture of myself
-I spend a lot of time planning family vacations and probably get more pleasure out of people enjoying themselves with the plans I made than the vacation itself
-I always need to make sure the people I love are well fed
Here is a picture of my mom with my sister Diana from my wedding. I'm hoping that I age like my mom. That hair color is all nautral gray.
I love you Mom!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

$750 Lemonade Shake-Up

This weekend Mark and I volunteered at the Gateway Woods sale (Where else would a lemonade shake-up go for $750?). We worked in the green tent in the morning displaying and carrying items that were up for auction. This is truly one of the great social events of the year. It was great to see many old friends and catch up with a few people. Mark's uncle Jeff is the administrator out there, so we stayed with them and got to catch up a bit with some family.

Here is Mark holding up a quilt for display.

We had one funny incident. My friend Abe was walking through the tent when he saw me working and he waved. This action accidentally won him a $25 wood cabinet...oops.

This is the only item we bought on the auction. A Vera Bradley pink purse (obviously for me).

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Stinky Scare

Saturday evening Mark and I decided to take a walk around our neighborhood. Just as we were rounding a corner, we saw this small animal in a person's yard.

At first I'm thinking "that's a funny looking cat." Then I saw the white stripes, it was no cat.
It was a SKUNK. All of sudden we saw its tail start to rise.

It was only about 10 feet away from us with his tail toward us. Mark and I recognized what it was at the same time. Mark said "It's time to go." We did a very quick 180 and quickly sped back towards our house.

It never sprayed but none the less we did run the rest of the way home (a long walk had lost its appeal). While our walk was cut short, we got a nice little run it. My heart rate was definitely up.

When I got home I did research on how to keep them away from your yard. Basically don't leave stuff outside that it might want to eat. We should be good.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Laser Tag

This weekend Mark & I along with some friends played Laser Tag. It was so much fun! If you come visit, we can go :) There are actually a decent variety of fun things to do in Joliet. I look forward to exploring them as we live here.