Monday, March 30, 2009

Peachy Day

I love peaches. They are by far and away my favorite fruit. Yesterday we were down in Central Illinois visiting friends and family. I was fortunate to have several opportunities to enjoy peaches.

We had these fabulous home-canned peaches at Dustin and Mandy's house for breakfast. They were excellent.

Grandma Lindberg had a peach cobbler for us when we went to visit her.

Grandma Kuntz brought red jello with peaches in it for dessert.

Very peachy!

The weekend was fun overall. It was our last weekend with "official plans." As I'm 37 weeks along tomorrow, we thought it unwise to committ to much else. Doesn't mean we are going to stop doing social things all together, it just means I can't committ (something that is rare for me).

So far all is well on the baby radar. We just keep cooking along.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Am I ready?

Assuming people are asking about being ready for Zoie, the short answer is....Not really. (I have a little less than 5 weeks to go until our due date).

We'd be fine if she decided to make an early appearance, but I really could use a few more weeks to get some stuff done. We're finishing up household projects (I'll before and after pictures soon). I've just about got her room in order. Work stuff is coming to a close. So we are getting there. We did make it through Diana's wedding, so that is a huge relief. Still, there is a lot to do.

Overall I feel pretty good...round...but good. I do look forward to the day when rolling over in bed isn't quite as challenging but I can handle a few more weeks of this just fine. Probably toward the very end I'll be saying "just come out please" but today is not that day.

Here is a picture of Amanda kissing my belly. Ignore the extremely tired and worn out look. This was at the rehersal dinner for Nicholas and Diana (which was very fun by the way). It had just been a long day and I was ready for bed.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Wedding

I'm just now feeling close to recoperated after Diana and Nicholas' big wedding weekend. It was wonderful and everything went very well. It's just a tiring experience. Here are some random pictures from the event. I have more pictures on another computer but this will give you a taste of it.

Mark and I talking with Brian & Amber

My Mom and Dad

The happy couple cutting cake

The Bridal Party

Thursday, March 05, 2009

More Wedding Bells

Some of you may have heard the exciting family news this weekend...

My brother Brian is getting Amber Rocke from Roanoke.
Amber and Braden, her son, have been such a blessing to us already and we look forward to many years of memories.
Here is a picture of the happy family the Saturday night before the big announcement when the whole Vercler family went up to Medieval Times.