Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to Work

For those of you who weren't aware, Mark was laid off from CAT for 9 months out of 2009. He was called back to CAT in early December. While being laid off often comes with many stresses, God blessed us abundantly during that time. I am thankful that it happened.

Mark was able to complete his degree and sit for 3 of his 4 CPA exams. In addition, he was there during the early months of Zoie's life. We got to spend a lot of quality family time together. He also completed several big projects on our house including (but not limited to) a new roof and installing an exit window in the basement.

Mark definitely made the most of his lay-off time. We grew closer in our relationship and I enjoyed having him around everyday. Zoie and I do miss him when he goes off to work but we are thankful that he is now the first shift supervisor (he was on 3rd shift when he was laid-off). I praise God for the strength and provision he provided both of us during that time.

Here is a picture of Zoie in her CAT shirt from Daddy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good-bye Grandpa "Shoe"

Mark's Grandpa passed away unexpectedly last night. While we rejoice that he is with the Lord, we grieve for our loss. He was a wonderful caring man who we loved very much. Please pray for God's strength and comfort for the family (especially Grandma) as we live on.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Just before Christmas Zoie got her first two teeth. I had been trying to get a picture but hadn't had much success until yesterday. Here is my big girl.