Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unzicker Family Reunion

Part of the Lindberg family visit was the Unzicker reunion. This is Grandma S. (Mark's mom's mom) family. Mark had to work so Grandma kindly picked Zoie and I up and off to Wisconsin we went. You know you have a great "in-law" family when they let you come to the reunion...sans the actual relative.

The reunion was at a resort with an indoor/outdoor waterpark in Wisconsin Dells. It was lots of fun. We stayed in this amazing condo which was the central hub for the activity...thanks Grandma.

Here is Grandma with most of her siblings (Dallas couldn't come)

Grandma and her kids (minus Joan)

The pool table in our condo

playing cards

On the bus to the waterpark

Our "room"

At the waterpark

Our little family

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Short Child- Brookfield Zoo

To celebrate my sister Amanda's birthday, we spent the day with the "girls + Braden" at Brookfield Zoo. We then met up with Brian at Adoke, a Japanese Hibachi grill. It was a fabulous time but I think the pictures will demonstrate that.

The water/fountain play area was Zoie's highlight of the visit. I didn't know the thing existed so I wasn't exactly prepared. But we just stripped her down to her diaper and off she went. As you can see the look of happiness on her face, she loved it!

My lovely sisters and mom.

Aunt Amber loves Zoie enough to share her treat.

Dinner at the Adoke...lots of fun and yummy.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lindberg Family Visit

What a month August has been. I haven't posted much on the blog because of all the things we've been doing. I have a string of events to post about. I haven't really put all there was about South Carolina but we'll save that for another day.

Mark's family came to visit in the beginning of August. We met them at the Gateway Woods Sale. After an eventful long drive back to our house. Let's just say the van had some brake issues....issues that involved fire while we were in the middle of nowhere Indiana. Those bottles of water purchased at the gas station before we left Leo turned out to be a really great investment.

The family then stayed at our house (Ben and Joel went over to Brian and Amber's) for Saturday and Sunday night. It was a wonderful visit and a great opportunity for Zoie to get to know her Lindberg family a bit better.

Here are some of us waiting on the curb at this random gas station off of Route 30 while Mark drove my father-in-law to an auto parts store.

Zoie loved her aunts and uncles. By the end of the visit she had successfully said "Joel" and a version of "nana" aka Hannah.
Zoie snuggling with Aunt Lydia. She loved being carried around and played with.

Our kitchen isn't large enough for the entire family so we had to set a table up outside.

Here is Zoie enjoying her breakfast just before we went to the Gateway Woods Sale.

A fun shot of Joel.

We had a great time and hope they can visit again soon.
We love you!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

S.C. Vacation - The Beach

The house we rented was only about 2 blocks from a public access beach site. The beach was wonderful. It was definitely a warm week we were in South Carolina but it made it very comfortable to be out in the water. Zoie loved the beach. She would play and play with her sand toys. She liked being carried out into the water and playing with the waves. She didn't even cry if she got hit in the face (and yes that happened on occasion). Of course we were always holding her but she she loved it.

With her little sun-safe swimsuit, hat, and lots of sunscreen she never got burned but she spent a lot of time out on the beach. Besides eating a bit of sand, she did great. Here are a few pictures

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sweet Corn

I was inspired by Sandra's post the other day to let Zoie try some sweet corn at dinner. Let's just say...she loved it.