Monday, May 04, 2015

Pink Explosion

Daisha is one fortunate little girl. Our families have had an explosion of pink.  Daisha will have 5 little girl cousins that are all within 7 months of her age.  On the Lindberg side we have 2 little ones here and 1 more coming this month. 
On the Vercler side, both of my sisters have had little girls in the past 4 months.  The ones who are here are all pictured below.  It's going to be a lot of pink craziness!
Daisha -- My little one

Ivy - Amanda & Duane
Juliet - Diana and Nicholas
Anastaisa - Caleb and Rose
Sophie - Matthew & Renae


Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Daisha Kay Lindberg

I thought I wouldn't be writing this post until mid-February but that is not how things worked out. Daisha decided to make her entrance early and arrived on 1/18 (she now shares a birthday with my Dad who turned 60 this year).

I was only 36 weeks, so I have a little premie who weighed just 5lbs 11oz at birth. Quite the contrast from my over 8 lb children who were both a week late. We have no idea why I went into pre-term labor.

She had trouble breathing at first so she spent 4 days in the NICU but she rebounded very quickly and is doing great at home.

We are thankful for God's strength and faithfulness.

Below are some of her newborn pictures taken by my very talented sister Diana.