Friday, April 21, 2006

To help me see...

As long as I can remember, I've had poor vision. I got my first pair of glasses at four years old. They were horrible large plastic things that made me look anything but cute. I'd post a picture but looking at them may scar your impression of me. Ever since those awful childhood days, I've been very paranoid about choosing the right pair of glasses. It took me about 6 months to purchase the new pair I picked up yesterday. It took me a long time to wear glasses in public. But graduate school and lack of sleep, makes putting the contacts in a daunting task. Vanity quickly takes a back seat.

My prescription hasn't changed much in the past 20+years. I am slightly near-sighted and when my eyes cross I see two of everything. It's this double-vision that causes the most troubles. The two objects move a bit and it gives me a headache. It will drain me of my energy real quick. With a great deal of effort, I usually can force my eyes to refocus. The movement though of my right eye sometimes freaks people out, so I just tend to keep my glasses on/contacts in.

I have had many incidents with my glasses and contacts. When I was 7 or so, I was riding my bike and due to the bounciness of our gravel lane the glasses fell off my face. Imagine my surprise. Since I no longer could see very well and wasn't overally balanced on the bike in the first place, I promptly ran over them destroying my glasses.

When my baby sister was born, we stayed with my Aunt. In effort to help clean my large ugly plastic glasses, she accidentally broke the rim on the right side. My lens would then periodically fall out. This was rather embarrassing as a 6th grader to have the entire class here this light clamor as my lens would hit the floor. With a new baby in the house, it was over a month before my mom took me to get new glasses. I went with wire frames after that.

My baby sister also was the first one to poke my contact out of my eye. I had only had them for 2 days when she deftly reached up with that chubby arm and pushed it out. We were able to recover it from her carseat. After many other similar incidences I'm confident her pointer finger has a magnetic connection with my eyeball.

I'm ever thankfully that we have the technology to correct my poor vision. Otherwise...(sigh) never mind, it gives me nightmares just to think about it so I'm not going to.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Never know how much you own till you move

I'm not moving but my sister is. In order to be a helpful loving sister, I'm aiding her in this task next weekend. As I was home for the Easter holiday, I allowed my car to be filled with random items to take to her new apartment. I get to drive around with the stuff for the rest of the week till I head out there.

My sister has been living at home since last August. Before that she lived in a dorm, sorority house, and small apartment (which she did not supply any of the big furniture). Despite this, she has unbelievable amounts of stuff to move out. You'd think it just be a few things. No, my CRV is very full and it didn't put a dent in the pile of stuff. At times it blows my mind away at how much stuff we "need" to function.

I know when it comes time for me to move it will only be worse. I've had time to accumulate a large variety of things to fill my small 1 bedroom apartment. It almost frightens me. I'm going to strive to be a minimalist but if we look back to my packing issues, I doubt my chances for success.

I highly recommend moving every couple of years. It forces you to get rid of things you don't really need or for that matter even use.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Parasailing and coconut trees

I've never been parasailing. Given my irrational fear of heights this probably shouldn't surprise me. It is not beyond all imagination that I would enjoy it, but I haven't had the opportunity yet. In a recent work discussion about risk and thrill seeking, my co-worker Molly admitted that parasailing was not the experience she thought it would be.

Being slightly directionally challenged, she would frequently lean the wrong direction, pull the wrong cord etc...during her parasailing experience. Usually there was enough space and time that she could correct herself. Usually...

One fateful wrong pull of the cord, sent her spiraling downward right into a coconut tree. Fortunately the parasail caught in the branches to prevent her from crashing to the ground. She had to "hang out" in the tree for a little while, till they could come cut her down.

She walked away with a few scratches and a thoroughly bruised ego. Parasailing sounds fun but the thought of being suspended in a coconut tree diminishes it's appeal.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Sandals...not a good idea even if it is April

I love wearing sandals. My toes find them incredibly freeing. They also look very nice with a skirt. As a tall primarily skirt wearer, I find that sandals provide the flexibility necessary to appear fashionably competent.

I typically wear sandals majority of the time from April-October. It is always a sad day when I pack them up for the winter. I should also comment that I get cold very easily. My finger nails and toes frequently turn a disturbing shade of blue when I get cold.

As it is now the beginning of April I felt that it was time to break out the sandals. This weekend wasn't so bad but I was indoors most of the time. My apartment was warm last night so I figured despite the cloudy day I could wear my sandals again. HUGE mistake. It is rainy, cloudy and blowing. My feet are wet and freezing. This feeling has spread throughout my body due to the draftiness of my skirt. Sometimes I begin to shake just enough to make typing difficult.

Oh well, I'll know better tomorrow. I just hope the space heater in my office doesn't blow the circuit breaker again.