Sunday, May 16, 2010

Table Manners

As you know, 1 year old children do not have table manners. Recently Zoie has found lots of fun finding food and eating it all by herself.

Zoie loves bananas. The other day she found one I had put in her diaper bag. I saw that she had it but hadn't worried about it too much. Well she was able to peel it by herself and proceeded to eat the entire thing. She was just so happy and content, I let her do it. Glad we have hardwood in the living room.

Friday she was playing in the kitchen. I could hear her and all of I sudden I could tell she had a spoon. She had pulled a half-eaten yogurt from breakfast off the table and the spoon. It was soon no longer half-eaten...and the spoon wasn't really necessary. Notice the yogurt all over her hair and clothes. She had another bath after that.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Zoie's Grandmas

Zoie is very blessed to have so many Grandma's. As Mother's Day has just passed. I thought I'd acknowledge all the love of Zoie's Grandmas.

Below is my mom, Zoie's Grandma Sonia. Zoie probably knows her the best, as she is who we've spent the most time with. Zoie loves Grandma. Potentially because Grandma will ALWAYS pick her up when she wants to, gives her favorite foods, and just generally gives her lots of love. Either way, Mark thinks that Grandma Sonia ranks higher than he does some days.

The next is Grandma Lindberg. Zoie hasn't spent as much time with her but every time she has Zoie definitely loves her Grandma. She went to her right away when we landed in Georgia and had lots of fun playing with her. Grandma Lindberg knows lots about babies and how to love them.

Great-Grandma Kuntz is my mom's mother. Great-Grandma likes to come visit Zoie whenever she gets the chance. I have many fond memories with my Grandma.

This is Grandma-great Schumacher (I have the wording right, Grandma-great is the name Ali bestowed upon Grandma-great Schumacher to not mix it up with her other Grandma). Mark's mom's mom. We have spent more time with her and that side of the family since Grandpa went home to heaven earlier this year. Mark often talks of all the fun things he did with Grandma. We hope Zoie is able to have many memories just like her Daddy does.

This is Great-Grandma Vercler, my dad's mom. We've gone to visit her in the nursing home many times. Unfortunately her mind isn't very good. Sometimes she knows who we are and other times not.

Finally, we have Great-Grandma Lindberg. She is Mark's dad's mom. She is a very active busy lady, who can teach us a lot about strength of character. We love her very much and glad to live closer.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Mommy's Sidekick

Today while we were out running errands, a lady asked Zoie if "she was mommy's sidekick for the day." I responded..."she's mommy's sidekick everyday."

As I left I thought about it a bit and really appreciated how much time Zoie and I spend together. While there are certainly times I need a break, I'm thankful I get to be with my little sidekick.