Monday, May 04, 2015

Pink Explosion

Daisha is one fortunate little girl. Our families have had an explosion of pink.  Daisha will have 5 little girl cousins that are all within 7 months of her age.  On the Lindberg side we have 2 little ones here and 1 more coming this month. 
On the Vercler side, both of my sisters have had little girls in the past 4 months.  The ones who are here are all pictured below.  It's going to be a lot of pink craziness!
Daisha -- My little one

Ivy - Amanda & Duane
Juliet - Diana and Nicholas
Anastaisa - Caleb and Rose
Sophie - Matthew & Renae


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Kelli Blog said...

That is so crazy! Such beautiful, sweet girls. What a wonderful time they will have as they grow up together. You have very productive families :)